AULa Design

An international design platform by TEKTON architekten




AULa stands for the integration of Architecture, Urban and Landscape design. By combining the very best from these fields, we offer integral professional services.


The core members of AULa are TEKTON architekten and EuSino. TEKTON is an architecture firm with 30 years of experience in the designing field. EuSino has been operating in connecting Europe and Asia in business and culture for 25 years now. Within AULa, EuSino forms the bridge between TEKTON and clients in China.


It is essential to us that every design is connected to the eco-system we are part of. AULa provides sustainable solutions in designing cities, districts and buildings to make sure the projects can exist for a long period of time.









Every project requires a different approach, that is why we never deliver a pre-determined product. In the same way a computer is programmed with code, we program a project with function, form, meaning and connections to its surroundings.


A good design depends on the different ambitions and wishes of all the parties involved. AULa engages all parties in the design process to fit the needs of the users and create a characteristic design that can stand time.





Building has a big impact on surroundings. For this reason, a building and its surroundings can not be approached seperately. It needs to be seen as a whole. With our designs we try to find a balance between functionality and form, detail and whole, inside and outside, public and private, present and future. The base of a design is a careful consideration between these seeming contradictions.




Our philosophy is "Landscape becomes building and building becomes landscape". Every design has a unique connection to its surroundings and the society it is put in. Every scale level has its own value and contributes in its own way to the whole design, so every level needs to be considered well (from screw to street).


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